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Since the Stanmore & Canons Park Eruv shares boundaries with both the Belmont and Edgware Eruvim, it is possible, for those who wish to make use of this facility, to carry across from Stanmore to Belmont, or from Stanmore to Edgware, and vice-versa.

This is subject each week to the respective Eruvim having been checked and declared operative - see the [home page]

All of the A5, Stonegrove, Edgware High Street to a point just below Canons Drive, is completely inside of the Stanmore Eruv and one may carry on it on either side. All houses and buildings opening onto it are also inside of the Stanmore Eruv.

Orchard Drive, Park Grove, the entrance to Stonegrove Park, Hillside Drive, Fernhurst Gardens and Grove Road are all crossing points between the Stanmore and Edgware Eruvim.

Edgware Court, Ballards Mews, and the corner of Manor Park Crescent and Edgware High Street are not in the Stanmore or Edgware Eruvim.

The southern edge of the Stanmore Eruv boundary runs along the north side of Whitchurch Lane. Whitchurch Lane from Canons Park Station towards Edgware, Donnefield Avenue, St Lawrence Close and Mead Road are not in any Eruv.

Howberry Road, Longcroft Road and Marsh Lane by the gas works are all crossing points between the Stanmore and Belmont Eruvim.

Whitchurch Lane from Canons Park Station towards Belmont is in the Belmont Eruv.

Stanmore Eruv Map North East

Reproduced by permission of Geographers' A-Z Map Co Ltd. Licence No.D1103. This product includes mapping data licensed from Ordnance Survey(r). (c)Crown Copyright 2009. Licence number 100017302

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